WiseAge is SESAM's platform for user and community involvement. WiseAge shall be a movement that promotes opportunities for user involvement in research and knowledge development in an ageing society.

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​Can Stavanger and Norway show the rest of the world the path in an ageing society?


In 2050, 2.1 billion people will be over 65 years old. Twice as many as it is today. How will that affect society and businesses? What possibilities will it create? How can research prepare us for an ageing society? How can research contribute to new ways of thinking, new creations of wealth and new solutions?

In Stavanger, SESAM have established WiseAge. WiseAge is SESAM’s platform for user involvement and community involvement. WiseAge will facilitate the use of older people’s expertise and experience in research and knowledge development. This to develop research based on people’s experiences. WiseAge works to involve users in research and knowledge development in a society where the proportion of older people will grow and require new ways to work for and with this group.


WiseAge shall be a movement that promotes opportunities for user involvement in research and knowledge development in an ageing society.


Cooperation across fields of studies is the key fundament for SESAM and has been since the beginning. We have researched with hotel workers, designers, chefs and technologist, with the user in focus. This has created value for many, and improved life quality and mastering for the elderly. The potential to achieve more is great – we feel like we have barely started – and we have much more to contribute.


The region of Stavanger will have a larger increase of people over the age of 65 than the rest of the country, and the region is known to be innovative and action-oriented. Moreover, Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with the happiest residents. This makes us responsible, not only locally but also globally, to develop methods for user involvement in research and knowledge development. Together we can make Stavanger and Norway a global hub for research and knowledge development within the field of age-related medicine.


WiseAge is for those over 65 years who wish to participate or contribute to the public debate, with the hopes of getting a wide range of the public. We have therefore created “Ask Society Knowledge (ASK)! Ask the one who it is about” which is a database over users view on research and social issues and how each individual wants to engage in WiseAge. Systematic work is being done so that WiseAge members shall have the opportunity to influence the work in WiseAge and SESAM. We have therefore established our own user panel and user advisory board. 

WiseAge wish to start a movement regarding the questions associated with an ageing society. We wish to get more people engaged in research to help make changes to society.  We wish to stimulate and inspire businesses to develop new solutions according to research results. We wish to highlight that all elderly are valuable citizens who can contribute in various ways. We will start a movement, which through research and knowledge challenges what it means with becoming old and being old.

 Do you want to know more about WiseAge, contact us wiseage@sus.no or by telephone +47 51 51 56 19

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