Hematology and Oncology

The departement of Haematology and Oncology has an open, transparent and readily accessible Cancer Unit for patients and families.

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Hematology and Oncology

The entrance in T-block features a large, airy waiting room, which offers food and drinks during the day-time. We have an open-door visitor policy. In cases where it is important for the family to be with the patient round the clock, arrangements can be made for constant companionship. Potential visitors who have a stomach bug or the flu or some other ailment, or whose families are ill, should contact the Division first to avoid spreading the infection.


Meeting point

Visitor adress: Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsens gate 8, 4011 Stavanger, Entrance 9, T-block.

+ 47 51 51 90 43
Visiting address
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Gerd Ragna Bloch Thorsens gate, 4011 Stavanger
Organization number 983 974 678