EU Project-Research on improved forecast of extreme weather in relation to emergency preparedness

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​Climate change results in more exposure to extreme weather. To avoid a large percentage of injuries and accidents, the EU wishes to improve warning systems and ensure higher accuracy when it comes to which emergency response to implement.

For ambulance services and Emergency medical communication centres (AMK) there is a large challenge tied to which emergency response to implement. Everyone must be able to reach the emergency number 113 and ambulance services with boats, helicopter and car must be available in all parts of the county- in case of a situation where roads are closed and ferries don’t run.

34 companies in 11 European countries participate in ANYWHERE, including RAKOS, to make a system where one can follow the process of extreme weather before it occurs, to ensure emergency preparedness.

ANYWHERE uses already existing weather services, warning form NVE concerning floods and avalanche in addition to information from Statens Vegvesen concerning navigability of the road networks as a basis.  The projects goal is to develop new tools which provide municipalities and emergency services with better decision support, extended analysis competence and improved emergency preparedness work.

RAKOS have local cooperations in the project; emergency preparedness department in Stavanger, Sauda municipality and UiS.
Together with SINTEF we are establishing a Norwegian pilot test area.

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