Cardiac Arrest Index for Helse Stavanger

The cardiac arrest index is an overview of all persons who have been tried to be resuscitated.

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The purpose of the index is to monitor the health help for cardiac arrest patients both in and out of hospital, as well as to contribute to an improvement in the treatment of these types of patients. This can be achieved by using the data from the index to improve the quality and to conduct research related to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrest.

The index uses the amount of reported emergency responses, the number of patients who receive CPR before arrival of an ambulance and the number of patients who survive more than 20 minutes and 30 days as a quality control. Survival after cardiac arrest is an internationally recognised quality control across the whole prehospital emergency treatment chain.

The prehospital cardiac arrest index for Helse Stavanger has worked for a long time and from January 2019 and onwards, the responsibility for the cardiac arrest index in Helse Stavanger lies with RAKOS. We have 2 employees at 20% and 30% who administrate the index for cardiac arrest in and out of hospital.

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