Christmas commercial Follow up First aiders

RAKOS awarded broadcast time on "Commercial-free day" by TV2 on 25.12.2021.

A fisted hand in front of personnel sitting on the ground

Image from the commercial. Svein Lunde Helse Stavanger

Being given the oportunity to show our film about the Follow-up project for First aiders at a large commercial media channel gave us a fantastic occasion to present the project nation wide. Many thanks to TV2  

TV2 has four days free of advertising every year: Good Friday, 1st Easter Day, 1st Pentecost and December 25th. 

TV2 supports voluntary organizations and socially beneficial ideas in providing space for free advertising these days.

The commercial was produced by RAKOS and Helse Stavanger by Svein Lunde and can be seen here:

Oppfølgi​ng av førstehjelpere – 30 sek video

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