Follow-up Program for First Aid Providers in the news

RAKOS 'national offer for follow-up of first aiders continues to reach more and more potential users. At Easter, we received press coverage in Aftenposten and several other media.
Woman leaning over person lying on the ground

First aider providing CPR. Foto: Svein Lunde, Helse Stavanger

Thursday April 14th, the article " Nå skal førstehjelperne selv få hjelp" ("Now the first aiders themselves will get help") was published in Aftenposten.
The article is also published in Stavanger Aftenblad, Adressavisen, Bergens Tidende and Fedrelandsvennen.

See link to article below. The source of the article is Aftenposten, and the reproduction has been agreed with Aftenposten. The article is in Norwegian.
Read the article at aftenbladet.no ​