Projects financed by RAKOS

RAKOS supports several projects involving prehospital services/emergency medicine in Helse Vest

Helikopter parkert i snø med skog og fjell i bakgrunnen

Ongoing projects financed by RAKOS:

"Gas diffusion in and out of an air pocket after a simulated snow avalanche and its impacts on human physiological parameters"To find out if supply of air can increase the time where someone taken by an avalanche can lay buried, a measurement that would greatly benefit areas within prehospital emergency medicine.Hanne Klausen, Clinic Director, surgical service clinic, Helse Bergen
Validation of capillary lactate blood measurementsTo validate a capillary lactate blood measurer (Lactate Pro 2) up against the blood gas instrument AB L 800 Flex which is being used at Haukeland University Hospital. The purpose of the project is to be able to use capillary lactate blood measurements in prehospital situations in the LA service.

Jon-Kenneth Heltne – Attending Physician

Air Ambulance, Helse Bergen



Adrenaline under cardiac arrest – a pharmacological studyTo educate about the use and dosing of intravenous adrenaline within treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The findings will have a big and immediate value for the prehospital services, but also be an important contribution nationally and internationally.

Bård E. Heradstveit,

Attending Physcician, emergency medicine department, surgical service clinic, Helse Bergen

The first arrest teamQuality check the phone assisted CPR. Make a goal-oriented teaching plan based on evidence for operators who conduct phone assisted CPR, as well as an electronic software for collection of data to be used for further measurements.

Helene Lund – professional development nurse,

Emergency Medical Communication Centre service, Helse Stavanger


ProHEMS Study LAEvaluate the use of erythrocytes, plasma and "full" blood when treating patients with severe bleeds, with a focus on complications and safety during prehospital blood transfusions.

Geir Arne Sunde,

Attending Physician

Air ambulance, Helse Bergen

Implementation of a national advisor, to advise the organisation of the emergency services at the location of the emergency. Develop a course for ambulance personnel to fill the role as leader of the Response Team (Innsatsleder Helse). This will be in cooperation with the national advisor for the organisation of the emergency services at the location of the emergency.

Olav Østebø,

Authorised ambulance personnel, emergency preparedness section

Development of a digital response book – operative sectionCommunal digital response book for ambulance services in Helse Vest. Integrate this into the services quality handbook, this should also be able to be used as an app.

Alf Reksten, Attending physician

Anaesthesia and intensive care unit, Helse Fonna


FLAKS, AMK quality improvement.

Development a common method and documentation for the continued quality

improvement in the region's emergency medical communication centre. This would be according to the regulations regarding the leadership and quality insurance in health care services (IS-IS-2620)

Brit V. Nordbø, Helse Stavanger
Development of common business reporting in Helse VestEstablish a common system for reporting business data for the ambulance services in Helse VestStian Sægrov, Head of ambulance, Helse Førde

Project information / objectives are taken from the project applications

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