RAKOS winner of Innovation award

Great joy and gratitude at RAKOS for the reception of this year's Innovation Award in Helse Vest.

Three people smiling, holding picture and flowers

Senior Researcher Conrad A. Bjørshol, Project Manager Anna Marie Moe Øvstebø and Manager RAKOS Thomas W. Lindner at the presentation of the Award. Photo: Silje Katrine Robinson

The Innovation award 2022 was granted The Regional Emergency Medicine Competence Center in Helse Vest, RAKOS. Manager Thomas Lindner, Project Manager Anna Marie Moe Øvstebø and Senior researcher Conrad Bjørshol accepted the award for the innovation project "Follow-up of First aid Providers" in Helse Vest.

Being the first worldwide, RAKOS has initiated systematic follow-up of First aid providers in the aftermath of a serious incident. The follow-up is an offer of a review of the incident in conversation with healthcare personnel who are experienced in talking about unpleasant and traumatic experiences.

Those who have taken a social responsibility by helping others, are now being helped by us, Thomas Lindner said, upon receiving the award.

The First aid providers are given the oportunity to talk about the experience, ask questions and assistance in processing unresolved emotions as they should avoid feeling guilty. Preliminary studies show a significant reduction in trauma experiences six months after this Follow-up.

Follow-up is currently offered on location in Stavanger and Gjøvik, while the offer is planned to be established in Førde and Oslo soon.

So far, over 200 people have taken advantage of the offer.

RAKOS conducts several interviews and provides research, Quality Assurance and networking in the Follow-up project. HV has given RAKOS a mandate for the project.

Link to the project itself:
Follow-up Program for First Aid Providers - Helse Stavanger (helse-stavanger.no)