Right to an interpreter

It is important that you can freely communicate with health personnel when you need health care. When you are unable to adequately communicate with the health service in Norwegian, it is required to provide you a professional interpreter free of charge.

If you are not fluent in Norwegian, please request an interpreter when making an appointment for health care.

  • You are entitled to have an interpreter even if you may speak some Norwegian, especially during consultations on serious and chronic diseases and mental disorders.
  • Only the services of a qualified interpreter shall be used. 
  • Children shall not be used as interpreters
  • When your fluency in Norwegian is limited, and if you still decline the services of an interpreter, health personnel are required to inform you of the adverse effects it may have on your condition

Please tell the health service your language/dialect of choice for the consultation.

Please be punctual for the consultation. If you are unable to attend it, please inform the health service 24 hours in advance, otherwise you are required to pay for the appointment.

There are three options for hospital staff if you need an interpreter. There might be an interpreter present during your visit, or the staff might call an interpreter via a phone. The third option is to use video. If you have an appointment that does not require that you come to the hospital, you might get a video invitation instead.

Instructions on how to access the video call

Read more: https://www.helsedirektoratet.no/brosjyrer/pasient-og-tolk

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