Information to women who are about to give birth

We have infection control measures in the maternity wards to limit the risk of infection to our patients.

​​I have to give birth soon

We ask you to contact us in advance of ultrasound or other outpatient appointments if you:
  • have covid-19 or are awaiting test results
  • have an infection in their own household or are defined as similarly close (eg boyfriend)
In this way, we can arrange for your time to be carried out in an infection-prone manner, or we can find a new time for you.

Partner/companion is most welcome to join, but must meet the same criteria above. It is not recommended that children participate.

You can use entrance 6 when you go to the fetal medicine outpatient clinic (formerly the maternity outpatient clinic).

If you have any questions about giving birth soon (and the birth has not started), contact your GP, midwife or out-of-hours emergency primary health care as you would otherwise.

I have to give birth now​

Contact the maternity ward if you have contractions and need to give birth, or in case of acute problems:

​The Admissions Line: 51 51 92 09

We also ask you to let us know if any of this applies to you and/or your partner/companion:​
    • have covid-19 or are awaiting test results
      • during the last ten days has had covid-19 infection in your household or has been in contact with a person with covid-19 defined av similarly close (ex. girlfriend/boyfriend)​​​
        • have had some of these symptoms over the last ten days​​
          • fever
          • cough
          • reduced ​sense of smell and/or taste
          • sore throat
        In this way, we can arrange for a good and safe birth, and possibly prepare rooms and equipment before you arrive. You will of course receive guidance on arrival if there is a need for it.

        Partner/companion during birth
        We arrange for the partner/companion to be present even when he/she has been diagnosed with covid-19. It is important that we know about this before you arrive at the hospital.

        We encourage pregnant women and partners/companions to have a low threshold to test for new-onset respiratory symptoms. Note that testing should not delay health care. Contact us if you are unsure.

        If you or your partner/companion experience new symptoms when you give birth, we will be able to offer a PCR rapid test on arrival.

        Partner/companion during cesarean section
        If you are planning a caesarean section, you can bring your partner/companion with you during the preparation and during the operation.

        In some urgent caesarean sections, the partner/companion may not be allowed to be present during the operation. This depends on the degree of urgency of the caesarean section and the type of anesthesia the pregnant woman receives. This was also common practice before the pandemic.​

        Separate entry for mothers with covid-19
        Pregnant women who have covid-19, but who are not seriously ill, give birth in maternity wards adapted for infection management. These rooms are located on the 7th floor. Here you will both give birth and spend your post natal period.

        All other births take place in the maternity ward. 

        Pregnant women who are very ill due to covid-19 are treated at our isolation unit at 2I.​

        I have given birth - the time afterwards​

        Maternity ward
        A healthy partner/companion and healthy siblings of the newborn can visit the maternity ward. Unfortunately, the partner cannot stay in the maternity ward, because there is not a single room for everyone. This was also the case before the pandemic.

        Partner visit time: 09:00-21:00 every day.
        Visiting hours for siblings: 17:00-18:00 on weekdays and 14:00-15:00 on weekends.

        Maternity stay in case of covid-19 infection
        We arrange for a healthy partner/companion for women who are infected with covid-19 and have given birth, to visit after the birth.

        Newborn-intensive 3D
        Both parents of children in neonatal intensive care 3D can be in the ward.

        Maternity hotel
        At the maternity hotel (7I) there is usually enough room for both parents to stay overnight. If there are no available double rooms, the partner can rent single rooms near their mother's room (for the same price as if you had a double room).

        Healthy partner who does not live with mother in the hotel can visit. Healthy siblings of the newborn can also come to visit.

        Partner visit time: at 09:00-21:00 every day.
        Visiting hours for siblings: 17:00-18:00 on weekdays and 14:00-15:00 at weekends.

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