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Research is one of the four statutory main tasks for Stavanger University Hospital (SUH). The research must be an integral part of diagnostics and patient treatment at all hospital units. It will strengthen the clinical work and strengthen our position as a university hospital.
Stavanger University Hospital - Ullandhaug

The hospital runs several centres of expertise and provides a number of specialist functions – both at a national and a regional level. Most patients need a referral from their GP or from the primary health service in order to receive hospital treatment or treatment from the specialist health service.​​

We are working with local authorities to provide holistic and appropriate treatment to our patients. Our specialists provide guidance and advice to doctors, and we admit patients with special conditions from all over Norway. We conduct extensive medical training and research.

Research is one of the hospital's four main duties alongside treating patients, training health workers and providing training and support for patients​ and their next-of-kin.​

Research Department

Stavanger University Hospital (SUS) is charged with four primary functions: Patient Treatment and Care, Medical Research, Training of Health Personnel, and Patient Education. As a specialist health provider we have a special responsibility to exercise our remit in the best interests of the population at large. Research being one of the Hospital’s four commitment areas, medical and health care research are a natural focus at SUS.

Contact information: forskning@sus.no

Research groups

Alcohol and drug


Breast Cancer​​

Full overview over the research groups (norwegian)

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