Urgent mental healthcare for adults

Ambulatory emergency team (AAT) offers mental health care to you who are in a difficult situation or acute crisis. This can be, for example, a life crisis, anxiety, depression, insomnia, confusion/psychosis and suicidal thoughts. You do not need a referral from a GP to contact us. You can contact us by phone during our opening hours.

In case of life-threatening situations concerning mental health and suicidal thoughts, call the emergency medical number 113. If the problem is not life-threatening, but also can not wait until you contact the GP during opening hours, you can call the emergency room on 116 117.

​​Ambulatory emergency team (AAT)

What happens when you contact us?

  • In the first telephone conversation, we will map your situation and your needs.
  • Based on the first conversation, we will assess with you whether it is appropriate to continue follow-up from us for a shorter period of time, or whether you should have follow-up from other offers.
  • We can offer further consultations by telephone, attendance at our premises or home visits within 24 hours where it is deemed appropriate and is a wish of the patient.
  • We can also offer video consultation where it is considered professionally sound and is a request from the patient.
  • You pay a deductible when following up an outpatient emergency team. If you have a free card, the deductible will be covered by this. You do not pay a deductible the first time you call us.
  • If you are prevented from reaching the agreement, you must give notice within 24 hours before the agreement to avoid a payment fee.

About ambulatory emergency team (AAT)

  • Outpatient emergency team consists of professionals in mental health in the specialist health service in Health Stavanger.
  • In the conversations, we emphasize coping, based on what has happened, what network you have around you, what has worked before, what you think is needed to get better and how we best can help you.
  • Your participation is important to us.
  • We collaborate, give advice and guide other internal and external partners, such as other departments at the hospital and the municipal health service.

Opening hours

  • We accept telephone inquiries on weekdays from 09-21 and Saturday / Sunday from 12-19. We are closed on public holidays. ​

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