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Centre for alcohol and drug research (KORFOR)

The research group for drug research is involved in research, education and development of the alcohol and drug field. 


Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research (KORFOR), Stavanger University Hospital (SUS), is a multidisciplinary regional competence center investigating a multitude of aspects related to addiction. KORFORs mandate include research, service development, networking and education. KORFOR serves as a networking organization that both initiates and participates in projects locally, nationally and internationally.​ KORFOR is also the coordinator of the National quality register for the treatment of harmful substance use or addiction(KVARUS). ​

We are in close collaboration service users, carers, health professionals and policy makers. ​ and professional development, networking and education in the field of substance abuse and addiction. 

Research group for drug research

We are involved in 20 different research project. We have studies that are mostly interdisciplinary and includes cohort studies, qualitative studies, clinical interventions and register studies. Currently, seven PhD-candidates and 3 post. docs that are associated with KORFOR. We are organized at the Centre for alcohol and drug research in Stavanger University hospital (KORFOR) in western Norway.  We collaborate with several national and international research groups.​Our two research leaders are specialists in somewhat different fields. 

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Better knowledge - better treatment

The target group for this national quality register, Kvarus, is patients being treated as part of ‘TSB’ (Specialized Interdisciplinary Substance Use Disorder Treatment). The register contains information gathered at the start of the treatment and from regular updates taking place in conjunction with set evaluation points in the treatment program. Further information is gathered at the end of the treatment program or when treatment is interrupted or stopped. The aim is to use this information to develop better services for, and more knowledge about the particular patient group.



BrukerPlan is a mapping tool for municipalities that want an overview of the health and life situation and use of services for people with substance use or mental health problems. The results of the survey are used for the development of services, planning work, applications for project funding and collaboration with individual users and specialist health services. The municipalities receive a report shortly after the survey has been completed. Health Stavanger also prepares regional and national reports on the survey. 

An important part of the survey describes the recipients' daily functioning in eight areas of living conditions: housing situation, work and meaningful activity, economic situation, physical health, mental health, substance use, social functioning and social network. The annual report 2019 includes information on almost 60.000 service users in municipalities covering 80% of the national population.

​Policy document of user involvement

We have stated that we will have a high level of user involvement in every part of the work we do. This has been set in the policy document of user involvement - KORFOR. ​

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