Division of Adult Mental Health Care

Mental illness can affect almost all families at some point. Division of Adult Mental Health Care treats roughly 10,000 patients every year. Our patients present with all types of mental illness, and include children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. We are keen to provide help at an early stage - whether it be a matter of anxiety, depression, eating disorder, psychosis, or some other disorder. Modern psychiatry has many effective paths of treatment, and those we prefer include therapeutic conversation and group therapy.

Contact information

Meeting point
Visiting adress
Stavanger universitetssjukehus
Jan Johnsens gate 12
4011 Stavanger
+47 51 51 80 00

Dalane District Psychiatric Serviceshttps://helse-stavanger.no/en/avdelinger/klinikk-psykisk-helsevern-voksne/dalane-dpsDalane District Psychiatric Services
Department for High Security Mental Health Carehttps://helse-stavanger.no/en/avdelinger/klinikk-psykisk-helsevern-voksne/avdeling-sikkerhetDepartment for High Security Mental Health Care
Department for Mood Disorders and Psychosishttps://helse-stavanger.no/en/avdelinger/klinikk-psykisk-helsevern-voksne/avdeling-affektiv-og-psykoseDepartment for Mood Disorders and Psychosis
Department of Acute Psychiatryhttps://helse-stavanger.no/en/avdelinger/klinikk-psykisk-helsevern-voksne/avdeling-akutt-og-intensiv-psykiatriDepartment of Acute Psychiatry
Department of Geriatric Psychiatryhttps://helse-stavanger.no/en/avdelinger/klinikk-psykisk-helsevern-voksne/avdeling-alderspsykiatriDepartment of Geriatric Psychiatry
Sandnes District Psychiatric Serviceshttps://helse-stavanger.no/en/avdelinger/klinikk-psykisk-helsevern-voksne/sandnes-dpsSandnes District Psychiatric Services
Sola District Psychiatric Serviceshttps://helse-stavanger.no/en/avdelinger/klinikk-psykisk-helsevern-voksne/sola-dpsSola District Psychiatric Services
Stavanger District Psychiatric Serviceshttps://helse-stavanger.no/en/avdelinger/klinikk-psykisk-helsevern-voksne/stavanger-dpsStavanger District Psychiatric Services

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